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Timely Trading with EquBot AI Insights

Broad US markets have historically lagged in the month of September and EquBot’s platform signals are showing headwinds from a -1% technology selloff through September. The artificial intelligence investment management platform is detecting elevated risk from global Covid cases, China, and negative sentiment surrounding US debt ceiling discussions.
Most Money Market funds are yielding 0%! Get AI investment diversified!

The theme of downside protection in the technology sector through mega cap stock exposure continues this week. Top 3 Tickers showing 1-month relative outperformance include: AAPL, MSFT, and AMZN (EquBot is long all 3). Short term technology headwinds are less impactful on these strong balance sheet mega cap stocks. We forecast continued strategic investments by the aforementioned technology giants even in light of the projected market volatility. These sturdy technology companies are well positioned to endure challenges in this global market environment and can allow investors to participate in bounce back market moves.

  • Healthcare Technology and Pharmaceuticals continue to exhibit strong BUY signals! TMO and NEO forecasted +20% returns before year end!
  • Looking for more technology picks?!?! NFLX & PLAN – Technology stocks positioned to move +10% in the next month!
  • AI platform recommendation based off recent economic volatility to reduce risk are in! Diversify with some restaurant industry exposure. CMG and MCD projecting 1-Month returns +15% as these fast food heavy hitters are continuing to see steadily increasing traffic.
  • Projected +3% rally in Gold and +2% rally in long term US Treasury bonds! Personalized portfolios using risk control features like Gold and fixed income ETFs should consider GLD and TLT for the next month as gold and longer term bonds are forecasted to rally with extended market volatility and flight to quality short term investment flow.

Small Cap positions with material business exposure to Asia reflecting higher risk signals over the 1-month horizon! Quantamental investing signals scraped around the globe show better risk adjusted opportunities in EM Bond ETFs or even High Yield ETFs versus broad US small cap strategies.

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