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EquBot platform signals indicate a continued rally in technology sector equities through earnings season (3.8% upside for QQQ over next 1-month). US government money market funds are still yielding 0%! Get AI investment diversified!

US passed a historic infrastructure bill and system data still shows biggest opportunities in innovation related companies! Top 3 Tickers showing signal strength: GOOGL, ZS, and DHR

  • GOOGL – Alphabet Inc positive signal alert! AI Institutional investment system 1-Week high probability price pop. EquBot is long.
  • ZS – Zscaler price pop alert! 1-Week green flash signal. Trading opportunity aligns with positive sentiment cloud technology headlines. EquBot is long.
  • DHR – Danaher Corp trade opportunity. 1-Week AI investment signal alert. Trading
    opportunity consistent with Covid medical related headlines and healthcare sector rallies. EquBot is long.

US Real Estate signals remain hot (3% upside for IYR over next 1-month). Alternative work structures as companies figure out how to manage COVID Delta variant risk continue to drive demand for single family housing. Risk of Delta variant complications to the US economy keeping forecasted interest rates at lower levels (TLT to rally 1.75% over next 1-month).

Afghanistan news and lower economic China numbers increasing foreign market volatility. International equity risk is elevated as geopolitical risk signals flash red. System data shows high probability of increased volatility to come in the next 1-Month (EFA to fall 1.99% and EWJ to rally 1.61% over next 1-month).