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Big Investment Data Signals for Month End Movers

EquBot platform signals showing a +3% technology rally through the end of September.
Money Market funds are yielding 0%! Get AI investment diversified!

US taper talk aligns with “Risk On” technology trade even in light of negative China tech IPO signals! Top 3 Tickers showing 1-month upside: TSLA, AAPL, and NVDA

  • TSLA – Tesla positive signal alert! AI Institutional investment system 1-Week high probability price pop with prolonged elevated US gas prices. EquBot is long.
  • AAPL – Apple Inc. price pop alert! 1-Week green flashing signal. Trading opportunity aligns with positive sentiment technology headlines and upcoming product releases. EquBot is long.
  • NVDA – NVIDIA trade opportunity. 1-Week AI investment signal alert. Trading opportunity consistent with cloud and AI headlines and technology sector rallies. EquBot is long.

Growth Portfolio top ETF positioning pick going into Q3 with 1-month expected returns showing +4.5 to 6.75%: XBI!

US Real Estate signals remain hot. Alternative work structures as companies figure out how to manage COVID Delta variant risk continue to drive demand for single-family housing. US home sale data continues to show strength. IYR 1-month expected return +3%

Afghanistan news and lower economic China numbers continue to elevate foreign market volatility. International equity risk is elevated as geopolitical risk signals flash red. System data shows high probability of increased performance drag to come in the next 1-Month EFA expected 1-month return -2%