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Navigate Choppy Trading Waters Ahead with EquBot AI Insights

Market risk signals have elevated week over week! Global equities facing downward price pressure from inflation fears, COVID challenges, and supply chain disruptions! Trading signals show increased volumes in fixed income exposures as portfolio managers are seemingly taking some risk off the table.

Inflation data and projected volatility signals make GLD an attractive trade to close out 2021! EquBot platform data shows an elevated probability for close to 6% returns in the 1-month time frame.

Tech buyers beware! Q4 has historically been a strong quarter for technology equity exposures like QQQ due to holiday spending and increasing seasonal demand. EquBot signals show headwinds from disrupted supply chains and increased probability of tighter technology regulation from global governments. EquBot platform forecasts a moderate 1.25% pullback within the next month.

GME set to jump as much as 30% over the next 1-month! Swiss Central Bank & other big players buying, game console holiday demand increases, positive sentiment, NFT and Ecommerce opportunities, & Ryan Cohen stirring up retail demand w/ “small wee wee” comments. EquBot is long.

Cloud and 5g growth will drive upside for technology related REITs like DLR and AMT! +2-3% projected price move within the next month!

Recent stock price movement in NVDA even with chip shortage data correlates to a +5% price move in POWI within the next month!

Electronic data showing families adjusting to the “new normal” and resuming travel plans. Buy alert on ABNB +5% price pop within the next month projected!