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EquBot Tweets & Bytes

Market risk asset signals have improved this past week! Global technology equities are forecasted to return +5% in the coming month!

Inflation data and projected volatility signals make GLD an attractive trade to close out 2021! EquBot platform data shows an elevated probability for close to 6% returns in the 1-month time frame.

AAPL and AMZN are showing strong holiday buying signals! Megacap technology names are looking strong to close out Q4 2021! EquBot is long both.

Elevated inflation signals pushing broad US market sentiment downward. Buyers beware volatility source data is flashing warning signs!

EM Bonds are projected to decline in the coming month. Evergrande default and EM central bank activity has been negatively viewed by institutional EM bond managers. EquBot platform shows EM Equities with higher risk/return profile metrics in the coming month.

Global market data is mixed but the EquBot AI platform is showing opportunities in QQQ and GLD over the next month!