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Navigate Choppy Trading Waters Ahead with EquBot AI Insights

As predicted by the EquBot platform September produced negative broad US market returns! Automated investing signals coupled with AI insights point to continued global market headwinds. Custom multi-asset class portfolios produced by EquBot show elevated diversification with key increased exposures to metals and mining assets and TIPS. Platform top risks derived from AI insights include continued Covid cases in the US, China Evergrande impact drawing Chinese Government support, and largely unresolved US debt ceiling talks.

Get AI investment diversified!

The theme of downside protection with longer US bonds, floating rate debt, preferred stocks are playing out in our more conservative AI portfolios. Top 3 ETFs showing 1-month relative outperformance include: TLT, PFFD, and FLRN (EquBot is long all 3). We are bullish on these strategic investments in light of the projected market volatility and expected shift for some investors from higher risk exposures into historically less risky asset classes.

Starting last Friday technology signals flashed red with projected returns on QQQ at -4% for the month of October. EquBot’s quantamental approach is leading Wall St. by combining unstructured data with traditional market data in a strategic manner to analyze projected market risk!

  • Choppiest signals are coming from the technology sector and intermediate bonds. Real estate signals should not be ignored either as previous growth indicators are coming in muted to start Q4.