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Primary Focus:
The mixed data we are seeing suggests a volatile market environment to close out 2021. This data environment plays out well for AI investment platforms like EquBot. The EquBot platform analyzes millions of news articles and market signals each day to help deliver better outcomes for investors.

Macro Data:
US aggregate economic models show muted growth but still positive. The EquBot system sees gradual economic recovery and rates staying low for the remainder of 2H 2021. Key risks to US and Global economies revolve around potential business disruptions from COVID and political volatility.

As younger Americans go back to school we see data on thousands of direct cases and high risk exposures from the classroom. This development will continue to have significant repercussions, and if numbers continue to increase we predict vaccine/treatment emergency authorization from the FDA as increasingly likely for the younger Americans. This situation supports continued demand for healthcare services/technology and information technology companies.

Top Sector Bets:
Unstructured data showing positive sentiment for Technology and Healthcare Technology sectors.

Supporting Key Data & Stocks:
We have seen firms experience volatility in moves back into the office as a result of Delta Variant Covid cases. Data shows employers increasingly accepting of hybrid work environments, or remote functionalities. Productivity software, cyber security, internet related services will continue to do well as this environment continually adjusts. Stocks: Zscaler, Alphabet, Atlassian

Healthcare systems continue to be challenged by rising COVID cases. We see increasing case numbers, but higher amounts of nursing/healthcare service related job posting. These challenges are positive signals for healthcare technology companies like Danaher, Dexcom, and Thermo Fisher. Places where technology can be used to automate, or make the healthcare system more efficient will be leveraged as hospitals and nursing homes continue to struggle to find enough support staff.

Americans gained weight during the pandemic and we see differing reports showing average weight gain across different demographics in the range of 15-40 pounds! As reopening developments transpire and life pushes toward this new normal we see Spotify rallying as Americans get back to their historical weight loss gym/running activities.

AI Investment Advantage:
AI and big data will prove tremendously helpful as new market info will add volatility in 2H 2021.