EquBot’s deep learning modules confirm large technology companies historically outperform when markets emerge from recessionary environments. We see global demand increases for new technological solutions that answer relevant customer trends. Most recently the demand trends focus around safety and convenience given coronavirus concerns, but if you think back to the dot.com crash and housing crisis the investment thesis holds water and tech names fared tremendously well. Our predictive AI investing models are forecasting this same technology sector outperformance for strong balance sheet tech firms. Investors can confirm this positioning through daily holding transparency and see significant exposure to Apple, Amazon, and Google across our AI product lines. Our artificial intelligence system continues to see significant R&D and business development investment from these large cap names, and the headlines bemoaning billionaire’s becoming richer during this pandemic are not limited to wealthy individuals. History has shown investors the market will eventually rebound and new and innovative technologies will drive future demand.

While the technology space continues along the path as a relatively quiet growing giant in 2020, the most frequently reported or hot topics are impacting healthcare and pharmaceutical companies. COVID has challenged global healthcare and pharmaceutical companies to reach new heights. Personal protective equipment (PPE), diagnostic tools, treatment, and vaccine developments can drive meaningful market movement as infection and death rates from coronavirus continue to rise. When we couple EquBot’s technology and healthcare signals some compelling investment ideas arise for long-term equity investors.

Teladoc Health, while much smaller than the aforementioned technology giants, offers investors a unique exposure that is positioned for growth while addressing significant global healthcare needs. The ability to provide care virtually or over the phone has proven to be extremely popular amongst individuals concerned about coronavirus exposure at healthcare facilities, and those concerned about potentially spreading the disease but still needing medical advice. Teladoc continues to receive positive feedback when dealing with both coronavirus and non-coronavirus ailments in 2020. Unfortunately, the majority of epidemiological studies point to increasing coronavirus infection rates in Q4 2020. Coupling this forecast with historical seasonality trends of cold & flu illness suggests Teladoc will continue to experience consumer demand. While Teladoc Health is just one example, a closer look at EquBot’s AI holdings will reveal other technology healthcare names showing strong signs of positive long term equity appreciation for long-only stock investors because billionaires should not be the only investors getting richer in this volatile environment.


EquBot is long AMZN, GOOGL, AAPL, and TDOC.