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Custom Portfolios as a Service (PaaS)

The AI Platform assesses more information in less time to deliver you custom and explainable portfolios at scale. Each day, EquBot combines millions of news articles and alternative data sources with traditional financial and market data to enhance your information environment and improve your outcomes. Design portfolios to reflect your investment ideas across asset classes, ESG, thematics, and more.

Design Custom Strategy

You control your universe, horizon, goals, and more. Universe includes the global stocks and bonds for over 50k companies, real assets, commodities, inflation securities, indexes, and ETFs.

Simulate, Test and Analyze

Backtest your portfolio strategy by replicating an information environment for up to 15 years or longer if needed. Understand what signals and data drove the explainable decisions and outcomes.

On Demand Portfolios

Bring your investment ideas to market through portfolios as a service or as an official index. EquBot will help keep you in control and informed through ongoing portfolio intelligence.

Additional Features

Expected Returns and Risk

Receive forward-looking return and risk data over various time horizons and across multiple asset classes. 

Ranking and Screening

Rank and screen securities based on your portfolio criteria including forward-looking metrics like expected returns and risks.

Portfolio Construction

Leverage EquBot machine learning to optimize your portfolio to reduce risk, maximize sharp and other goals.

Portfolio Overlay

Utilize EquBot machine learning to analyze and monitor risks and opportunities for existing portfolios in real time.

Risk Mitigation

Stay ahead of market risks as headlines break and new risk patterns are identified including major market events and shifts.

Alternative Customer Data

The EquBot platform can help you determine if your alternative data is predictive and then incorporate it into your strategy.

Stop Missing Critical Investment Data