Our Technology

Our state of the art technology is made possible with EquBot proprietary algorithms and multiple artificial intelligence (AI) cognitive computing platforms. The technology is a multi-staged process that seeks to identify mispriced investments in the marketplace, optimize exposure, and then capitalize on the timing of those positions.

We are able to combine both fundamental and quantitative analysis while formulating new investment insights through the use of AI. Our solutions utilize massive amounts of data to build predictive financial models on over 15,000 globally traded companies to identify optimal investment portfolio positioning.

The technology also parses millions of articles and news sources to uncover catalysts and events to maximize the probability of market appreciation. Our superior deep financial analysis coupled with the cognitive power of AI enhances our view into the global investment landscape.

EquBot technology is able to present strategic entry and exit points along with other innovative investment metrics. We believe our technology surpasses everything in the current market environment and make it accessible to all investor types.